Regenerating Customer Account Management

Strategic account management is important in building long-term partnership with key customers, because by strengthening relationships with your key clients you can tap into unrealistic sales potential within these existing clients and grow the account further. Today, many businesses around the globe are taking advantage of building an offshore customer account management team to drive profitable sales growth.

Offshoring Value Map

The optiBPO offshoring value map below helps organisations to think about their growth drivers, and where and how an offshore team can support them. Opportunities exist across the value map to rapidly build teams that save cost, drive growth, create success, and enable new services to be delivered that are not justified onshore.

optiBPO Offshoring Value Map

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Client Challenges

This video focuses on the benefits of building an offshore customer account management team. This is a case study where an optiBPO client has lost their contact with a range of their key accounts and was looking to rekindle those relationships.

optiBPO Client Challenges - Regenerating Customer Account Management

optiBPO Solution

This optiBPO client uses their offshore team that they built with us focused on customer service and order processing to start an outreach program to old clients. Their offshore team identified those that have bought off them in the last 1 to 2 years, but have stopped buying. They reached out to each of these clients and offered them new products and services. This simple use of an offshore team helps this client to regenerate sales with accounts they have not heard of for a period of time.

optiBPO Solution - Regenerating Customer Account Management

Be sure to watch the full 2-minute video on Regenerating Customer Account Management.

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