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10 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing yields an array of benefits for your business. The most obvious of which is cost reduction. With an outsourced team, you will be spending less than you would be maintaining an in-house staff. 

On top of efficiency cost-wise, outsourcing opens you up to a global talent pool. You can guarantee that your designated tasks will be completed by capable professionals willing to rise to your expectations. Other noteworthy advantages include data security and advanced infrastructure capabilities. All these will help your business carry out any growth and expansion goals.

It is worth noting that looking for outsourcing services requires a thorough assessment. Hence, you need to know what to look for in an outsourcing partner. Here are important factors to consider when choosing a third-party service provider:

  1. People and structure

    As a growing business, you want to work with an outsourcing company that can build a capable offshore team that embeds leadership, training, and continuous improvement with strong performance measurement where team members are valued and personal and professional growth are encountered.

    It helps to verify if the outsourcing company you plan to work with follows the highest ethical standards. This ensures that it treats its employees fairly and consistently complies with laws and industry regulations.

    Moreover, your third-party service provider should be capable of accomplishing your basic task requirements, potentially supporting other areas of your business as well. This will allow you to maximise their services and quickly expand your business.

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  2. Process

    Outsourcing companies have varied role definitions and use different team structures. Review which framework best suits your needs with any localisation requirements in mind.

    An ideal outsourcing partner is one that provides continuous support to your company in terms of improving and evolving your processes and incorporating new ones to streamline your overall operations and make them more efficient.

  3. Infrastructure and setup

    Your outsourcing partner should be able to provide first-grade facilities for your remote team. It should have an attendance monitoring system in place including a work-floor supervision plan. An established system enables the team to accomplish deliverables on time.

    Also, the importance of employee support and assistance cannot be emphasised enough, so make sure your outsourcing partner employs measures to foster a culture of engagement and competence within the organisation. It should prioritise the timely provision of employee benefits including HR support as needed.

    Moreover, your outsourcing partner should be compliant with all regulatory, tax, insurance, and other government requirements. You do not want a project to be derailed in the middle of its progress because authorities shut down your outsourcing partner due to lack of compliance.

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  4. Systems

    When looking for an outsourcing partner, opt for one that can provide the appropriate technology to facilitate efficient access to remote systems. It should also have the proper procedures that allow for easier management of your outsourced team on a daily basis.

    In addition, it should assist your company in improving your current processes by offering innovative ideas and proactive suggestions.

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  5. Industry expertise and reputation

    Before deciding to partner with an outsourcing company, research the organisation first. Make sure to find a partner with the experience, expertise, and core values you are looking for.

    An outsourcing provider that has in-depth knowledge of the BPO industry in the country they operate in could deliver better results and help you meet your company’s business objectives.

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  6. Scope

    Know from the get-go what services are at your disposal. On top of building a team, what other support could you expect from the outsourcing partner you are considering? Will they be able to provide guidance in managing team performance or assist in recruiting staff should you wish to expand your offshore team? Identify your needs and confirm if they can deliver.

  7. Size

    How large is the organisation you are looking to work with? Often, a big outsourcing firm indicates that the company has gone far in terms of providing reliable outsourcing services. Meanwhile, a start-up can also cater to your needs.

    Do a thorough research when finding a suitable outsourcing partner. This is crucial if you want to outsource critical business functions such as customer service or accounting functions.

  8. Transparency

    Your chosen outsourcing partner should be capable of supporting your needs and the ongoing business operations. They should also commit to giving you honest feedback about potential problems your company might encounter during the project implementation. This way, you can prepare for them and promptly address them as they happen.

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  9. Security

    You will be entrusting sensitive business data to a dedicated offshore team. So, it is reasonable that you demand the highest level of safety and security. Start by having your outsourcing partner sign a non-disclosure agreement. Before committing to a vendor, make sure they are equipped with reliable security infrastructure.

  10. Communication

    You want your outsourcing partner to be quick in responding to your queries and follow-ups. Look for a service provider that has a culture of open communication. Transparent communication is part of the foundation of an effective team, so be sure to include this criteria in your checklist.

Find the Right Outsourcing Partner

Thanks to technology, businesses are no longer limited to working with professionals within their operation’s immediate area. Even if you are on the other side of the world, you can now work with talents across the globe. Case in point: Outsourcing in the Philippines is a thriving industry, helping companies reduce costs by improving organisational efficiency.

The key is knowing exactly what to look for in an outsourcing partner. Consider the items listed here, and you are all set. Our offshoring experts at optiBPO are always ready to assist you and answer any queries you might have regarding our outsourcing services.


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