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Benefits of Outsourcing

Changes in the way we work in 2020 have affected all industries. Businesses have been forced to cut costs, restructure the business, and alter their operating models. Explore the benefits of outsourcing in times of uncertainty.
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Clark: The Philippines’ leading offshoring destination

Due to the growing labour supply and the recent advancement of infrastructure, Clark is poised to become the next offshoring destination in the Philippines.
Provide 24 x 7 coverage through outsourcing - optiBPO

Provide 24×7 Coverage Through Outsourcing

Today, many organisations are turning to outsourcing as a way to deliver more, due to the opportunity to not only reduce cost, but to extend business hours and leverage capability.
How to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Specialist offshore - optiBPO

How To Get The Most Out Of A Digital Marketing Specialist Offshore

Learn how a digital marketing specialist offshore could help you build a strong presence online.
How to manage your offshore team - optiBPO

How to Manage Your Offshore Team

Learn how to effectively manage offshore resources and maximise the efficiencies that an offshore team can offer.
optiBPO - What Offshore Model Suits You Best

What Offshore Model Suits You Best?

To create success in outsourcing, it is critical to understand what offshore model will work best for you. Here are four main offshoring models to look at.
Why offshoring in the Philippines is a Smart Option

Why Offshoring In The Philippines Is A Smart Option

The Philippines has positioned itself as one of the top offshoring destinations in the world. In 2017 Tholons report, the Philippines ranked 3rd in the Top 50 “Digital Nations” while Manila ranked 4th in the Top 100 “Super Cities”.
How to Develop a Successful Offshore Relationship

How to Develop A Successful Offshore Relationship

Growing a successful offshore team is difficult to do without the proper guidance, advice and support from onshore leaders. You need to make sure that you have the right level of onshore support and work with a high-performing outsourcing company to secure your company’s growth.
optiBPO - Why The Philippines Is The Only Choice For Outsourcing

Why The Philippines Is The Only Choice For Outsourcing

There are lots of locations people are offshoring to but for me, the big three are Manila, Clark, and Cebu. Out of those three, the two locations that I like to focus on are Manila and Clark. Manila is the capital of the Philippines.