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Top 10 Skills Your Sales Team Must Have Today

The digital age is upon us, bringing every activity to digital platforms. Whether it is searching for information on everyday topics and specialised subjects or using apps, consumers are becoming increasingly connected to the internet for a range of reasons.

This prevalence of digital technologies has also paved the way for a more innovative approach to business processes and activities, such as sales. It’s never been easier for companies to establish their presence online and afford their sales teams the means to communicate directly with prospects and customers via email, chat, or social media.  

To enable your staff to maximise the use of digital communication tools and technologies, they must possess sales skills that will engage modern-day consumers better.

Read on to learn the must-have skills for your salespeople, which can significantly help your company navigate the digital world of business.

  1. Data Analytics

    From website inquiries to social media ads, there are tons of data that can help you know and understand consumers better. Your sales team must stay on top of this data, focusing on customer behavior, shopping preferences, and the like.

    From there, you can identify patterns that will help you develop strategies on how to sell your products or services better.

  2. Content Creation

    Content marketing has become a vital business strategy in the digital age. In fact, 83% of B2B marketers utilise content to generate leads. Content creation can give you more opportunities to nurture those leads who may be ready to buy, which is why the best salespersons will have to invest in this skill.

    Outsourcing sales is a viable alternative to converting your leads into paying customers through creating content like blogs, social media posts, and quizzes, among others.

  3. Research Skills

    Business is a highly competitive industry, so your company must keep ahead of market trends, new technologies, and relevant factors that distinguish the most successful business organisations.

    Your sales team should concentrate their market research not just on offline platforms but also on online channels. This way, they can create accurate customer profiles that represent various demographics and use them in targeting customers during sales calls or visits.

  4. Content Curation

    You might mistake content curation for content creation, but they are not the same. In content creation, you add new, original content to your website and social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. On the other hand, content curation involves gathering reputable websites’ content and posting them to your marketing channels.

    To be effective in this area, your sales staff must know that content curation is not merely sharing other brands’ content. Using their knowledge of your product or service, they should customise curated content for your brand using your company’s unique selling proposition.

  5. Social Media Expertise

    Not all social media platforms are equal. Some will work for your business model better than others, so it is crucial for your salespeople to determine which platforms to focus their attention and efforts on to avoid wasting company resources.

    It is equally important to learn what types of selling tools or features are available in each social platform to make the most out of your investment in social media selling.


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  6. Listening Skills

    Listening skills are vital for salespeople, no questions about it. Conversations with customers are smoother when sales reps make conscious efforts to absorb the information given to them. Based on their response, they can use those insights to provide high levels of customer care, improving your sales conversions along the way.

    Your salespeople should leverage listening tools on social media to uncover customers’ interests and sentiments, which can help shape your sales efforts.

  7. Problem Solving

    Problem-solving is another essential skill for salespeople to have. Here, you will be able to test your team’s ability to process huge amounts of information from various communication channels and then use the results to formulate solutions to challenges that your customers and your company may be experiencing.

    Asking the right questions, thinking creatively and critically, and anticipating potential issues—all of these are part and parcel of problem-solving skills that salespeople need to master.

  8. Ability to Build Trust and Rapport

    Selling is rarely easy, but relationship building with customers can break down barriers. One way to win buyers’ trust is to offer products and services that come with a lot of value for them, and it is up to your team to create pitches that focus on this area rather than on the selling aspect itself.

    For instance, they could highlight how comprehensive your warranty programs or after-sales services are. Customers appreciate these kinds of things, as they can translate to cost savings for them.

  9. Time Management

    Time management is an important component of every skill set that salespeople should have. Considering that they are interacting with multiple prospects and clients, making wise use of their time, as well as that of their customers, can improve things cost- and productivity-wise.

    Your sales reps can benefit from using automation software and customer relationship management tools to handle their tasks more efficiently.

  10. Emotional Intelligence

    Making connections with customers is not only profitable but also fulfilling for your team. This soft skill means your sales reps are customer-oriented, putting their needs first while closing deals as a bonus.

    Like hard skills such as product knowledge, sales demos and presentations, and business communication, your sales staff could use online courses and seminars to hone their sales EQ.

Sell Away

Sales are the ultimate goal in business, and having a team of skilled sales reps can spell a great difference for your company’s success. To make this happen, many companies have considered making outsourcing to the Philippines part of their sales strategy. 

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