Building an Offshore Sales Team

More companies around the globe are embracing offshoring as a business strategy as they realise the impact an offshore team can have on employee productivity, cost reduction, and business continuity. Most companies that offshore realise cost savings of around 70%.

Offshoring Value Map

The optiBPO offshoring value map below helps organisations to think about their growth drivers, and where and how an offshore team can support them. Opportunities exist across the value map to rapidly build teams that save cost, drive growth, create success, and enable new services to be delivered that are not justified onshore.

optiBPO Offshoring Value Map

Access the optiBPO Offshoring Value Map in full

Client Challenges

This video focuses on the benefits of building an offshore sales team. I spoke with an optiBPO client where he shared that their onshore business development team is doing an excellent job in selling to the bigger enterprise level customers, but they have poor engagement on smaller customers which represents 50% of their revenue.

They have this neglected part of their target market that they could sell more, but they couldn’t because of the rewards and incentives and the high cost of Business Development Managers (BDMs) onshore.

optiBPO Solution

We set up an offshore sales team focused solely on that smaller end of their market. This offshore sales team provides lead generation support, outbound connections and sales, and the fundamental business development functions that will help push through that lower end of the sales funnel.

Outsourcing sales team is not necessarily about saving cost, but more about fueling business growth. Offshoring is a mature strategy being embraced by your competitors who are accessing talent to build lower cost, high-performing teams that fuel their growth. Be sure to watch the full 2-minute video on Building an Offshore Sales Team.

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