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7 Business Tasks You Need to Outsource

The first years of your operations can be considered one of the most critical stages of your business’ growth. It is during this period that you build your company’s reputation which requires your team’s full attention. But if you have a small team with many tasks at hand, it can be difficult to complete and deliver everything on time. In this case, working with an outsourcing company becomes an increasingly powerful option for businesses looking to drive productivity, efficiency, and growth.

Many businesses are using task outsourcing services offered by third-party companies. According to a survey, almost 54% of businesses work with outsourcing firms to connect with customers. Given the global market size of the outsourcing industry – over $232 billion as of 2020 – it is safe to say that outsourcing has become a part of the growth strategies of most businesses.

You can outsource almost any aspect of your business operations to an outsourcing company. Experienced and reliable outsourcing firms can help you optimise your processes, allowing you to focus on improving your bottom line. 

Here are some business tasks you should consider outsourcing:

  1. Marketing and Lead Generation

    Marketing is a vital business process that plays a key role in bringing in customers. Unfortunately, a successful marketing and lead generation strategy can cause problems to a small team: the increasing number of customers can make it challenging to keep up with all the requests.

    By outsourcing marketing and lead generation tasks, your in-house staff can work effectively without being sidetracked and overwhelmed by their workload. Your outsourced marketing team can also help create efficient marketing campaigns to accelerate your growth and boost your revenue. Since both teams get to focus on their respective functions, they can accomplish projects faster.

  2. Sales

    Outsourcing sales tasks enables your company to improve cost efficiencies and maximise untapped business opportunities by leveraging skilled salespeople and other experts. By working with an outsourcing firm, you can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise on the latest sales trends, such as using predictive models to gain market share, targeting underserved markets, and advanced analytics.

    Reputable outsourcing firms employ competent staff trained to handle sales functions and deliver results on time. Regardless of the customer’s status in their buyer’s journey, these professionals will be able to manage your growing number of clientele and close more deals on behalf of your company.

    outsourcing tasks

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  3. Customer Service

    Your company’s most vital asset is your customers, so you need to make sure you are dealing with them in the best possible way. However, it can be challenging at times to respond to each of them, especially if you have a limited staff. Often, when you don’t promptly attend to customers’ concerns, they end up leaving and switching to your competitors.

    Keep in mind that communicating with your customer post-sales is just as important as interacting with them during the initial stages of the purchasing cycle. If you don’t have enough workforce to handle your customer support requirements, consider outsourcing customer service.

    A team of dedicated customer service specialists will be vital in solving your customers’ issues in no time. Remember that good customer service drives customer loyalty, which often translates to increased sales.

  4. Logistics

    If your business involves transporting products and raw materials to stores or customers, logistics can become a nightmare as your company takes on more customers. Fortunately, you can outsource purchasing and logistics to let you focus on major business functions.

    The right outsourcing firm will be able to manage your company assets and make sure your products are always on the move and delivered on time. Once you set the parameters, your outsourced logistics team will be able to take over and keep your company’s logistics operations running smoothly.

    outsourcing tasks

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  5. Accounting & Finance

    Running a business entails dealing with various issues, from planning to implementation and monitoring. As such, it is understandable if you only do your taxes at the end of the fiscal year. However, rushing through your finances while beating the deadline can lead to errors that could cost your company money.

    You can prevent this by outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping requirements. By building an offshore team of accounting professionals, you won’t have to worry about consolidating your financial data and organising them into reports for analysis and submission. Allowing a dedicated offshore team to handle your financial documents also gives you a fresh perspective of your business’s financial health.

  6. IT Support

    If you run a small business, it is understandable if your IT infrastructure is not solid enough, especially if your company is in its initial growth stage. However, you shouldn’t wait too long to strengthen your IT system. Having a proper IT support system can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction.

    Apart from reducing costs, outsourcing your IT functions can also improve your organisational efficiency by speeding up processes, minimising downtime, and enhancing cybersecurity. Moreover, with an IT staff on call, you don’t have to worry about timely customer support and having an effective recovery plan in case of lost data.

    outsourcing tasks

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  7. Administrative Tasks

    Administrative duties include repetitive office tasks such as organising files, preparing letters and emails, and completing reference checks, among others. As your business grows, things get busier, and it becomes more likely that the influx of projects can leave the most basic administrative responsibilities overlooked.

    Despite their simplicity, basic managerial tasks are still vital to your business’s success. Outsourcing administrative tasks enables you to concentrate on more significant projects while ensuring that all necessary documents are sorted and all correspondences are monitored.

    In addition, this facilitates easier communication between you and your business partners while giving you quick access to data and reports whenever you need them.

Outsource Your Worries, Bring in Profit

Any business could use some assistance from an outsourcing company to smoothen out their operations and increase their sales revenue. If you feel your business needs a bit of a boost, don’t hesitate to find a reputable third-party outsourcing service provider to handle your needs.

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