Clark: Why it’s the Best Outsourcing Destination

Are you looking for the best place to outsource your business operations? The Philippines has a lot to offer and should be high on your list of potential destinations, and Clark holds a special place in the world of outsourcing.

Apart from Manila and Cebu, Clark is becoming the top outsourcing destination in the Philippines. Located 80 kilometres north of Manila, Clark is an excellent choice for outsourcing, allowing businesses to save money, improve quality and efficiency, and reap other benefits. 

Read on to find out more about the advantages of outsourcing to Clark!

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of assigning a business task or function to a third-party BPO provider outside of the organisation. Outsourcing is an effective way for companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up resources to focus on core business activities. With a reliable partner, businesses can leverage the advantages of outsourcing for their business needs.

Why businesses are choosing Clark

Photo from Clark Global City

Originally built as a US military airbase, Clark is now home to many companies engaged in business process outsourcing (BPO), manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and leisure. Clark offers innovative applications designed to help businesses function more efficiently. Read on to find out why businesses are choosing Clark as their go-to choice for outsourcing business solutions.

  1. Young and skilled talent pool

    Businesses are increasingly turning to Clark for its abundance of educated, young, and skilled workers who have the necessary English-speaking skills to function in the business world. Its employee pool is a mix of both locals and internationally-trained professionals, providing investors with the talent they need to thrive.

  2. Prime location

    Clark is one of the most in-demand locations for businesses to outsource, thanks to its strategic location, developed infrastructure, and open business environment. Clark is well situated for travel to and from East Asian countries and from North American countries like the United States and Canada. As a result, investors can quickly conduct business within the region and around the world.

  3. Rising infrastructure and development

    Clark has all the components for businesses looking to invest in business process outsourcing: world-class transportation systems, excellent highways and roads, top-tier educational institutions, and high-speed internet. With strategic positioning, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a low cost of operation, Clark is the perfect BPO destination for businesses looking to expand their operations.

  4. Accessible by land and air

    Clark is a highly advanced city and a business process outsourcing hub in Southeast Asia. Easily reachable by air via Clark International Airport and by major highways, the city offers businesses maximum flexibility and access to various luxury hotels, resorts, and recreation facilities that ease business operations.

  5. Cost-effective labour

    The outsourcing in the Philippines offers businesses a great opportunity to reduce operational costs with cost-effective labour from highly skilled, experienced professionals. With 70–80% lower costs than other countries and reliable ICT infrastructure, businesses can make significant savings by outsourcing services to the Filipino workforce.

  6. Strong government support

    The Philippines is one of the best outsourcing countries, thanks to the government’s commitment to the industry. Government support ensures businesses in Clark have access to tax incentives and assistance in setting up operations. It has implemented favourable laws and provided incentives and subsidies to attract foreign investment. It also offers training and development programs to ensure its workers are equipped with the relevant skills. All these initiatives create an environment conducive to growth and investment, making the country a top destination for BPO.

Investment opportunities seen in Clark

Clark, Pampanga, is a rapidly growing investment destination for both local and foreign investors. High-yield investments are available in the manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, and entertainment sectors, and there is also potential in tourism due to the area’s proximity to cultural sites, golf courses, and tourist destinations.

With plenty of short-term and long-term gains to be made, Clark is an attractive place to jump-start any investment portfolio. Recently, Clark has been making headlines, and here are some of the international investment prospects in the area:

Success stories of companies that have outsourced

Discover the different ways in which these companies have benefited from outsourcing and how you too can incorporate this effective tool into your own business strategy and use it as leverage to drive your business forward.

  • Case study #1: Digital Marketing (Brand builds confidence)

    • Problem: A small business found their branding and design inconsistent and not conveying their brand image across physical and digital assets. Without a single unified message, they were struggling to build connections and achieve name recognition with potential customers.
    • Solution: They built a dedicated graphic design offshore team to strengthen their brand presence; they created uniform designs and assets to project a professional image, allowing them to update their website, product packaging, print materials, company swag, and other collateral with a unified look and feel.
    • Result: The business projected a more confident brand image, boosting market, and industry perceptions. Their professionally developed materials demonstrated expertise, a diversified list of services and products, and established trust with their audience. This, in turn, enabled the business to stand out from competitors, with a unified and confident presence in the industry.

  • Case study #2: Customer Service (Awaken the dormant buyers)

    • Problem: Many customers who had previously purchased had become dormant, not placing any orders for an extended period of time.
    • Solution: Their inhouse sales team took a proactive approach and built an order management offshore team to take on the challenge. The team was tasked with consistently following up on those who had not purchased in 6 months.
    • Result: The results of this effort were immediate as the reorder numbers began to exponentially increase. This proved that there was a great deal of value in dedicating staff to follow up with customers who had not purchased in a while. By proactively addressing the issue and not ignoring the dormant customer base, the company was able to get those customers to start purchasing again.

  • Case study #3: Accounting (Accounting 101)

    • Problem: A growing company was struggling with ever-increasing accounting costs, due to difficulties in adequately controlling debtor blowouts and paying suppliers on time.
    • Solution: The cost of maintaining a local accounting team was deemed too expensive, so the business turned to outsourcing and quickly put together a team of dedicated accounting specialists to support the existing finance operation and lead the charge to improve control over debtor and supplier management.
    • Result: The results showed a remarkable turnaround in the cost of finance and accounts. By employing a remote and dedicated accounts team, the business was able to reduce costs by an impressive 70%. In addition, the increased control over debtors and suppliers improved cash flow, allowing the business to gain more loyal and productive relationships with suppliers and debtors. By intelligently and cost-effectively outsourcing, the business was able to streamline their accounting process, improve cash flow, and save significantly in terms of time and money.

Outsource your business today!

For businesses searching for the perfect city to invest in for their business process outsourcing operations, Clark is the obvious choice. Not only is it highly accessible by both land and air, but it also offers businesses a reliable workforce, a solid infrastructure, and plenty of recreational activities. As a result, your business will be in good hands when investing in this highly-profitable city.

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