Top 5 Outsourced Engineering Services and Hiring Strategies

Finding and keeping skilled engineers is a constant battle for businesses today. For one, over 90% of engineering and construction firms struggle to find qualified talent, with over 50% expecting the talent shortage to affect their organisations. Rising salary demands and the need to scale projects quickly also create a complex hiring environment. 

Yet, what if there was a solution that offered access to specialised expertise, faster product development, and optimised resource allocation? Outsourcing solutions can be your secret weapon. Equally important is finding the right partner when hiring engineering experts.

optiBPO offers a wealth of experience in delivering customised, high-quality engineering solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs. 

Let’s explore what engineering services you can outsource and how effective hiring strategies can help your business thrive in a competitive market.

Top 5 Outsourced Engineering Services


There are many engineering services you can outsource to speed up your processes and time to market. Here are some you should consider.

1. Civil engineering

Outsourced civil engineers offer services such as structural analysis and design, infrastructure development, and site planning. They ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings, roads, and bridges.

Additionally, civil engineers optimise project layouts for efficiency and sustainability, minimising environmental impact and maximising resource utilisation.

2. Mechanical engineering

The world is full of amazing mechanical inventions, from car engines to manufacturing robots. However, bringing these ideas to life usually requires teamwork. This is where outsourced mechanical engineers come in. They specialise in tasks like CAD modelling, product design, and prototyping.

Hiring them means gaining access to innovative designs, streamlined manufacturing processes, and enhanced product performance. These services can help you bring high-quality products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

3. Electrical engineering

Electrical engineers are the heroes behind electrical systems that power homes, industries, and cities. They cover everything from power generation to control systems for machinery. You can tap into this specialised knowledge at a low cost when you outsource electrical engineering services.

Third-party electrical engineers can create systems that save on energy costs. Ultimately, they can improve energy efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance safety for your facilities and equipment.

4. Industrial engineering

Industrial engineers are problem-solvers who improve production processes in manufacturing and service industries. They analyse workflows, create efficient systems, and make improvements to boost overall operations.

When you outsource industrial engineering expertise, you can streamline operations and minimise waste. They can also help you reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

5. Geotechnical engineering

Construction projects rely on a solid foundation. Geotechnical engineers specialise in ensuring the ground beneath structures is strong enough to support them. They carefully study soil, rock, and groundwater to decide if a site is suitable for construction.

Outsourcing a geotechnical engineer means you can gain critical insights into site conditions and potential risks. You can also make informed decisions during site development, ensuring the safety and stability of infrastructure projects.

5 Strategies for Hiring the Right Outsourced Engineer

After discussing the benefits of using outsourced engineering services, let’s delve into the key strategies for securing the perfect expert for your team.


1. Define project requirements clearly

Outsourcing engineering services is useless without direction. Before hiring a third-party engineer, outline your project’s objectives, scope, and deliverables in detail. Clear requirements help potential outsourced engineers understand the project’s demands and determine if their skills align.

For instance, if you’re outsourcing civil engineering work, outline the specific tasks you need, such as structural design, site planning, and infrastructure development.

2. Evaluate technical skills and expertise

Look beyond resumes to see candidates’ proficiency in relevant tools, technologies, and methodologies. Consider requesting work samples or conducting skill assessments to gauge their capabilities accurately.

Let’s say you need a mechanical engineer. Judge their CAD software proficiency and experience with specific industry standards.

3. Offer competitive salaries

The global talent pool for outsourced engineering is vast. To attract top performers, offer competitive salaries and compensation packages that are in line with the engineer’s experience and skill set.

Research average salaries for the specific engineering discipline and geographic location to ensure you’re making a competitive offer.

4. Run structured interviews

Develop a consistent interview framework with predefined questions to evaluate technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. Structured interviews provide a fair and systematic approach to assessing engineering candidates, reducing bias and ensuring comprehensive assessment.

You can include scenario-based questions to gauge how candidates approach real-world challenges in their field. 

5. Promote a strong employer identity

Similar to hiring an in-house engineer, it’s important to promote a positive employer identity to outsource experts that align with your goals and system. First, you should provide clear brand guidelines for visual and verbal identity to ensure coherence. Then, foster collaboration and integration with your outsourced team to reinforce brand culture.

On this front, you can outsource admin work or offshore marketing to focus on employer branding tasks.

Reap the Rewards of Strategic Engineering Outsourcing


Nowadays, securing top-tier engineering talent is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity. Outsourcing engineering services can empower you to bridge the skills gap, access specialised expertise at a global scale, and accelerate project timelines. In effect, you can save costs and improve processes and product quality

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